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The combination of our rigorous client selection, transaction research and relentless pursuit of client objectives drives our very high success rates.

who we've helped

Here are some of our completed transactions:

£8m funding

Merge Market Logo

£2m funding

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Disposal £32 million

£3m funding

Advice on acquisition of eUniversities

£6m funding

£1.5m funding

skinkers logo

£2m funding

screen pages logo

Disposal not disclosed

Impaq logo

Advice on 2 UK acquisitions

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£3m funding

we predict logo

Advice on licensing

£4m funding + £5m funding

£1.5m funding

live station logo

Advice to MBI team

mi pay logo

£2m funding

redeem logo

Disposal to MBI team not disclosed

evo electric logo

£•m funding JV Licensing

£. million funding + advice on bond issue

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Support on £2.5m funding

Cordic Logo

Transaction planning

£5m funding